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Qube Pellet Patio Heater

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The Qube uses the Primato technology, this guarantees a constant micro-gasification process for the stability of the flame and heat, the complete elimination of smoke from ignition to extinction and extreme ease of use.

Minimal management costs

Automatic operation management for the entire duration of the burn cycle. Using an economical, ecological and harmless fuel, it can be used in public and private places for outdoor use (patios, terraces etc)

Easy and practical loading

The product can be used with any type of pellet.

Wood Pellets

Load the pellets into the burner and apply Ecofire Gel for a quick ignition

Wood Pellets

Insert the burner into the combustion chamber using the practical handle.

Pellet Burner

Connect the Power Bank and wait for the green verification light.

Power Bank


Burn Duration: 3.5 hours
Pellet Load: 3.5 kg
Maximum Power: 4.5kW
Range: 1.5m
Power Supply: Detachable power bank
Battery Autonomy: 4 cycles
Weight: 35 kg