Delivery Information

Access to your property

Deliveries when booked are contracted to kerbside only and are generally carried out on an 18 tonne vehicle measuring 2.8m wide x 4m high x 11m long (including the tail lift).

Delivery onto the property is then at the discretion of the haulier and will be done on a pallet pump truck if possible.

Restricted Access

The use of a smaller 12 tonne vehicle is used when there is restricted access to make a delivery to the kerbside of the property and NOT onto the property. (Please note that sometimes it will be a 12 tonne vehicle depending on vehicle availability). Please notify us of any delivery restrictions the haulage company may come up against.

The delivery depot reserves the right to assess the road access to the kerbside of the property and supply a vehicle they deem appropriate.

Vehicles have 'curtain sides' which are susceptible to tears from encroaching trees and shrubs. Please note that overhanging branches need to be taken into account for restricted access.

Restricted Access Vehicle Load

Vehicle size is approximately 2.8m wide x 3.4m high x 7.5m length (9.3m inc tail lift) which is about the size of a bin waggon for reference.